Starting a New Chapter


  • Interest is generated in Dutch oven cooking in an area.
  • LSDOS member (dues paid for the current year) assumes the responsibility of Interim Chapter Advisor.
  • Interim Chapter Advisor informs President Robin Clute, Newsletter Editor Nicole McInnes and Gretchen Davidson, Trustee Tina Morris, and First Vice President Sue Alexander and Second Vice President Joe Huber of initial organizational meetings. 
  • Three (3) LSDOS Dutch oven gatherings (DOGs) must be held.  A write-up of each DOG should be sent to the President Robin Clute, Newsletter Editors Nicole Mcinnes and Gretchen Davidson.
  • A Chapter Advisor is elected.
  • Chapter Advisor will ensure that a minimum of 2 members of the new chapter and the Chapter Advisor are current LSDOS members.
  • The name for the new chapter is chosen.
  • President advises Webmaster so that can be updated.
  • President ensures that the Board of Directors is informed.
  • President sends an official WELCOME letter and LSDOS Banner to the Chapter Advisor. He/she advises Chapter Advisor that he/she is now a member of the Board of Directors.  He/she informs him/her that as Chapter Advisor he/she is responsible for maintaining current and accurate information pertaining to their chapter on by providing information to the President (Robin Clute).

Contact President Robin Clute for any questions.